Jewelry Inspection and Cleaning

Jewelry Inspection and Cleaning Welch Jewelers Syracuse NY Jewelry Inspection and Cleaning Welch Jewelers Syracuse NY
At Welch & Co Jewelers, we take your investment in fine jewelry seriously. That is why regardless of where you purchased your jewelry, Welch & Co Jewelers will inspect and clean your fine jewelry free of charge anytime.
Your jewelry will be inspected for any potential damaged prongs or loose stones and our expert staff will make any recommendations as needed. We have a digital microscope available to show you what we are seeing when we inspect your jewelry.
We recommend having your jewelry cleaned about every six months. It helps keep the shine in your gems and the sparkle in your gold, platinum or silver.
There are many fine over the counter cleaning products available, but not all stones and metals react well to strong cleaning solutions. At Welch & Co Jewelers we sell a variety of jewelry cleaning products that are specifically made for different kinds of jewelry to help keep your jewelry sparkling in between visits to us.

Welch & Co Jewelers also offers a wide variety of repair services with all repairs completed on the premises by our team of jewelry experts. 

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