Welch & Co. Jewelers was established in 1997. Daniel Welch, the president, has been in the jewelry business since 1980 in the Central New York area. He worked for a major national jewelry chain for 15 years and a local department store for 5 years before creating Welch & Co. Jewelers.

Welch & Co. Jewelers relies on Dan's 32 plus years experience in the jewelry industry selling jewelry, buying jewelry, and for the last 17 years, designing, repairing, and creating jewelry. Dan is not the only expert at Welch & Co. Luz Welch has 16 years experience in the jewelry business and works along side Dan daily. Gary Golembiewski brings along over 26 years experience. Gary is a bench jeweler and does many of the stores repairs. He is also a talented artist and does many of the sketches for new designs. In addition, Gary is a GIA certified gemologist. As such, he handles most of the appraisal and gem identification work for Welch & Co. Jewelers.

What all of this means for our customers is that when you come into Welch & Co. Jewelers - whether on the web site or in the store, you are dealing with a group of experts who are eager to assist you with whatever your particular need may be.